Anyone can be
a Web Designer

Create beautiful and captivating websites with Sitemagic CMS. Get started with high quality templates ready to use. Sitemagic even takes care of mobile & SEO optimizations for you.

Like Photoshop® for web design
Sitemagic is a Content Management System. It's very unique in its approach to design. We like to think of it as Photoshop® for web design. We build tools for creative people that enables them to create unique, stunning, and captivating websites.

Sitemagic CMS is super user friendly and comes with some beautiful design templates to get you started - see our screenshots here.

Modular, fast & lightweight
Sitemagic CMS' foundation was built as a framework from the very beginning. Everything was carefully architected. This means Sitemagic CMS is fully extensible, and it's super fast even on small servers. What's more, Sitemagic CMS can run without a database system - by default data is stored in secure XML files. Backing up and moving websites around has never been easier.

Sitemagic CMS is a very comprehensive Content Management System that allows anyone to easily manage pages, files, menu, forms, and external modules such as maps, social media plugins, videos, and more. But there's also a ton of hidden features that helps you save time such as automatic mobile and search engine optimizations (SEO).
Take Sitemagic CMS for a spin and let the built-in Tips and Tricks guide you.

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