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Sitemagic Cloud
With Sitemagic Cloud we wanted to make it even easier for you to create a stunning website on the internet, but also allow you to stay in control and retain ownership of your work.
Most website builders will hold you hostage once you sign up with them. You will not be able to take your website and put it somewhere else on the internet. You don't really own it. We on the other hand believe in freedom. With Sitemagic Cloud, you own your website.
We also wanted to make it really affordable, so we made Sitemagic Cloud free with no restrictions in functionality, and no ads.
Plan with domain
$ 5.08 / month (ads)
$ 5.00 / month (ads)
$ 9.80 / month
Plan without ads
$ 9.59 / month
$ 12.00 / month
$ 9.80 / month
Plan with online store
$ 18.62 / month
$ 12.00 / month
$ 24.98 / month
Coming nov. 2019
Plan with mailbox
€ 5.08 / month
Via Gmail (G Suite)
$ 4.08 / month
Via Gmail (G Suite)
$ 10.00 / month

$ 4.99 / month
Coming june 2019
Export/move website
Free storage/bandwidth
15 pages
Storage with paid plan
Without ads
500 MB
$ 8.50 / month
500 MB
$ 12.00 / month
No restriction
9.80 / month
1000 MB
$ 4.99 / month
Plans are paid yearly. Some prices are converted to US dollars to ease comparison, so please look up each platform's prices and convert them using today's exchange rate for the most accurate pricing.

Sitemagic CMS is also available for download if you want to set it up with an existing hosting provider.
Keep in mind though that Sitemagic Cloud is automatically updated, often gets new features before they are made available for download, and has more design templates to choose from, so for most people Sitemagic Cloud will be the better choice. You can always move your website if you want to later.