Terms of use

Sitemagic Cloud is a platform on which users can build websites. A cloud account consists of a plan (free or paid), a website, and associated services. These are the terms of use related to Sitemagic Cloud provided by Codemagic.

Common sense
It is always our intention to serve our users as well as possible, and it is our mission to give all our users the best possible experience with Sitemagic Cloud. So if we all use our common sense, we will get along just fine. These terms of use are basically what you sign up for with any cloud service on the internet.

User responsibilities
  • User is responsible for ensuring that content and data at any time complies with our terms of use.

  • User is responsible for staying up to date on conditions and terms of use.

  • User is responsible for obtaining permissions and/or licenses to all content and data uploaded to their website.

  • User is responsible for ensuring that any content added to their website comply with international and domestic law.

  • User is obligated to provide accurate and truthful information related to their cloud account and billing information.

  • User is responsible for ensuring that account access is not shared, and to keep the account secured with a strong password.

  • User bears full responsibility for their content and data, and the use of their cloud account.

  • User accepts to use our services using only public APIs and the official user interfaces. The use of robots/bots, crawlers, spiders, and any other automated solutions are strictly prohibited.

  • User is responsible for ensuring that e-mails sent by Sitemagic Cloud is not caught in spam filters which prevents us from sending important notifications and information.

  • User is responsible for ensuring that data and content added to their website does not contain malicious code.

Purchases and subscriptions
  • A paid plan is charged yearly, and the plan is automatically renewed. This is known as a subscription.
  • Any paid plan can be canceled with a full refund within 14 days after purchase - no questions asked. This does not apply to subscriptions being renewed though.
  • Any expense in addition to the price charged for our products/services - e.g. a credit card fee - will only be covered by us on the first refund requested.
  • From requesting a refund, please allow for a processing period of up to 3 weeks, after which you can expect to see the refund appear on your bank account.
  • User must cancel a paid plan at least 30 days prior to being charged (renewed) to terminate the subscription. Canceling a subscription may cause functionality to be disabled.

Data and content
  • Content and data must not violating domestic and international laws.

  • Pornographic and violent content is strictly forbidden.

  • Sitemagic Cloud is not to be used as a Content Delivery Network or for data storage not related to the specific website.

  • Codemagic can not be held liable for any kind of loss of data.

  • Codemagic can not be held liable for any loss of service.

  • Codemagic can not be held liable for loss of revenue or business opportunities due to loss of service or data.

  • Codemagic can not be held responsible for any data or content associated with a user's cloud account.

  • Codemagic can not be held responsible in case of a data breach, e.g. due to unauthorized access.

  • Codemagic is allowed to store any information provided by the user.

  • Codemagic is allowed to create backups of content and data associated with cloud accounts.

  • Codemagic is allowed to, at any time, to change conditions and terms of use, and impose restrictions.

  • Codemagic is allowed to, with 30 days notice, to change pricing and plans.

  • Codemagic is allowed to send information regarding product improvements, changes in plans/subscriptions, security notifications, account notifications, etc. We always strive not to send too many messages - we know our users are busy people with important work to do.

  • Codemagic can at any time terminate an account in case our terms of use are violated.

  • Codemagic can at any time suspend an account if it significantly exceeds fair use of resources.

  • Users can delete their cloud account and all related data at any time.

  • Cloud accounts are backed up and kept for 35 days after which any personal information will be gone. Requests to be removed from backups are honoured but any work related to removing this data will be billed by the hour.

  • Codemagic does not share personal information with third parties.

  • When signing up with Sitemagic Cloud we collect only your e-mail address.

  • Credit card information is handled by QuickPay if you upgrade to a paid plan, in which case a subscription is created which allows for automatic renewal.

  • Any message sent or received using our e-mail services will be stored on our servers until such messages are either removed by the user, or the entire website and associated services are deleted.

  • Information is sent and received over encrypted connections using SSL/HTTPS.

  • We use cookies and Google Analytics to learn more about our users and how they interact with our services.
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