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Sitemagic CMS is free, open source, and runs on PHP 5.2 or newer.
By default data is stored in XML files, but can be configured to store
data using MySQL 5 or newer.

Most hosting providers offer One Click installation of Sitemagic CMS.
However, make sure the package available is Sitemagic CMS 4.2.3
or newer to ensure you get all the latest and greatest features.

How to install it

This is really easy!
  1. Download Sitemagic

  2. Extract ZIP file

  3. Copy files to your server
Done - that's it!

First log in
  1. Click the "Log in" link in upper right corner
    of your new website, or browse to

  2. Enter the login details, which by default is
    Username = admin
    Password = admin

  3. Change your password under Admin > Settings
    right away to prevent other users from accessing
    your new website.

Upgrade existing installation
  1. Backup your existing website (!)

  2. Copy over all files and folders from the new
    Sitemagic CMS installation, except these:
     - data folder
     - files folder
     - config.xml.php file

  3. Login and browse to Admin > Settings,
    and press the Save button to enable
    new system extensions.


The most common course of problems is insufficient file permissions.
  • Make data folder and all files within writable
  • Make files folder and all files and folders within writable
  • Make templates folder and all files and folders within writable
  • Make config.xml.php writable
Still having problems? Feel free to ask for help on our Facebook page.

Sitemagic CMS 4.2.3
Released 2017-01-14
File size 7 MB
Open Source License

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One-click installation

Sitemagic CMS is available as a one-click installation from Softaculous if supported by your hosting provider.


If Softaculous and FTP is not available, then check out the Installing Sitemagic CMS without FTP guide.

Getting started

The getting started guide is a great resource for finding answers to some of your questions.

Getting help

Developers are using the Facebook Page to answer questions you may have about Sitemagic CMS.