Sitemagic CMS is free, open sourced on Github, and runs on PHP 5.2 and newer.
You can get Sitemagic CMS in 3 different ways:

Web installer
This is the recommended way of installing and upgrading Sitemagic CMS.

  1. Download web installer.

  2. Upload it to your server.

  3. Go to install.php in your browser and press Install now or Upgrade now.

Now proceed with your first login.
TIP: The web installer will ask you for a password if you are upgrading an existing website. Simply enter the same password you use to log in to Sitemagic CMS.

One-click installation
Most hosting providers offer Sitemagic CMS as a free one-click installation. Ask your hosting provider how it works. Just make sure the package available is the latest version.
Once Sitemagic CMS is installed, proceed with your first login.

Manual installation
Naturally you can also install Sitemagic CMS manually.

  1. Download Sitemagic CMS v. 4.4.2 (19 MB)

  2. Unzip (extract) the ZIP file

  3. Transfer the files to your server

Sitemagic CMS is now installed and ready to use. Proceed with your first login.

Manual upgrade
It is recommended to use the web installer to upgrade an existing Sitemagic CMS installation. The web installer can create a complete backup of the entire website and upgrade everything with a click of a button.
If you insist on upgrading manually, this is how it is done.

  1. Backup your website

  2. Download Sitemagic CMS v. 4.4.2 (19 MB) and extract the ZIP file

  3. Transfer all files and folders to the server except for these:
     - config.xml.php
     - data folder
     - files folder
     - templates/xyz (xyz being the active template)

That's it. Your website is now running the latest version of Sitemagic CMS.

To get started, browse to your new website, and click the Login link in the upper right corner to access the administration section. The default username and password is "admin". Make sure you change at least the password immediately under Admin > Settings.

The most common course of problems is insufficient file permissions or using an old version that may not be compatible with the version of PHP running on the server.
  • Make sure you are using the most recent version.
  • Make data folder and all files within writable.
  • Make files folder and all files and folders within writable.
  • Make templates folder and all files and folders within writable.
  • Make config.xml.php writable
Still having problems? Feel free to ask for help on our Facebook page.

We put our heart and soul into make Sitemagic CMS one of the best Content Management Systems in the world. Never the less Sitemagic CMS, associated components, projects, and websites are provided "as is" with no warranty - use at your own risk.
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