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About Sitemagic CMS

Our primary goal is to provide creative designers a tool for building stunning and captivating websites and mobile experiences. Impress your visitors - build your next website using Sitemagic CMS.


Designer's choice

Web design agency
Sitemagic CMS powers thousands of the most beautiful websites on the internet.
That's because creative professionals choose Sitemagic CMS as their platform.
But don't let the beauty fool you.
Underneath Sitemagic CMS runs a highly capable framework that allow developers to extend and customize everything.
Despite all that power, Sitemagic CMS is a super userfriendly Content Management System.
Anyone who knows how to use a browser, can create stunning websites with Sitemagic CMS.




With tablets and smartphones being used more and more, mobile support has never been more important. With Sitemagic CMS all websites automatically adapt to the device being used, providing equally beautiful experiences on all screen sizes.


Designing and editing

What really makes Sitemagic CMS shine, is its unique Designer and Editor. Whether you are working as a professional web designer, or creating your very first website, you are guaranteed a professional and great looking website every time.
What's more, Sitemagic CMS is the only CMS that supports the new popular Cards inspired design concept out of the box.



Professional photographers choose Sitemagic CMS because of its incredible photos extension called Image Montage. It beautifully lays out the photos in random size and order (which is configurable) so that every visit is a new experience.



Google loves us

What's a great website worth if nobody knows about it? Nothing.
Therefore, we made Sitemagic CMS a first-class citizen in Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics integration.
It's everything search engines want - fast response time, SEO friendly URLs, fully indexable, mobile support, meta data.



Sitemagic CMS has a lot of great features built right in such as photo galleries, contact forms, file sharing, rating and comment box, and more. But you can always add more features using External Modules, which lets you add content and functionality from other websites on the internet, such as YouTube Videos, SoundCloud Music, and Google Maps.



Open and free

Sitemagic CMS is Open Source and available for free. There are no Ads and no Pro features to buy - it all just works, and everything is included right out of the box. And we constantly strive to make it better and add the features you request.
Go right ahead and download it now, or install it using your hosting provider's One Click installation system.



What most people don't know, is that Sitemagic CMS was built as a framework from the very beginning, making it one of the most flexible and extensible platforms on the market. Developers and web designers can create extensions and design templates litterally 80% faster with Sitemagic CMS, compared to most other platforms on the internet.
Check out our developer's section to get started developing for Sitemagic CMS, or browse the Sitemagic API.