Freedom - own your website

What makes Sitemagic Cloud very different from all the other website builders is not only how easy it is to use, that the free plan includes all the features with domain and e-mail hosting, and that we don't use ads.
The most important thing about Sitemagic Cloud is that you actually own your website. What that means is you can take your entire website, including the software used to build it, download it, and move it somewhere else - no questions asked.

" Own your website, don't rent it "

If you spend hours, days, weeks - even months - building your website and business on the internet, you should own that work, not rent it or be forced to throw it all away if you are dissatisfied with the company providing your website services.
This freedom is great for our customers because they have the freedom to move their website somewhere else, but also for us since it gives us a strong incentive to provide better services and features to keep our customers happy and have them stay with us.
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