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This page is dedicated to honour the people spending a lot of time developing and contributing to Sitemagic CMS. Thank you all for spending valuable time on this project - very much appreciated!

It is also worth mentioning that Sitemagic CMS is powered by several Open Source components such as TinyMCE, FontAwesome, jQuery and jQuery UI. We are most greateful for being able to harvest the work of so many talented people in the Open Source community. Thanks!

Get involvedWant to get involved with Sitemagic CMS?

We need help from web designers, translators, graphics designers - you name it.

If you want in, contact us through our Facebook Page.
Jimmy Thomsen/people/Jimmy.jpg
Jimmy is the primary developer, having worked passionately with Sitemagic CMS since 2008.
He spends a lot of his spare time improving and adding features requested by users and companies.
Frank Rasmussen
Frank is the guy making sure every new releases of Sitemagic CMS has been tested thoroughly. He has contribute a lot of great ideas and components to the project over the years, e.g. Image Montage.
Majbritt Nielsen/people/Majbritt.jpg
Majbritt runs a a danish web agency called Focus2Web. As an entrepreneur in web design she offers great insight into customer needs and have over the years contributed both ideas and components to the project.
Erik Lindstrøm/people/Erik.jpg
Erik works as a photographer and freelancer in web design. He has built his company around solutions based on Sitemagic CMS and provides ideas, insight, and financial support on an ongoing basis.
Henrik Petersen/people/Henrik.jpg
Henrik works as a professional translator with his own company. He is the guy responsible for translating new components for Sitemagic CMS into German.

Nicholas Papazoglou/people/Nicholas2.jpg
Thanks to Nicholas our users from Greece can enjoy Sitemagic CMS in Greek.
We experienced a huge gain in new users from Greece after he came aboard.

Apostolidou Hrisafi
Apostolidou works with Nicholas to bring us closer to our users from Greece by translating our user guide.

Philippe Garrigues/people/Philippe.jpg
Philippe reached out to us in late 2015, offering his help translating Sitemagic CMS into French. We are thrilled to have him on board, finally making it possible to bring Sitemagic CMS to the good people of France.
Dylan Smith/people/Dylan.jpg
Dylan is responsible for bringing Sitemagic CMS to serbian speaking users by providing translation services. He manages the entire serbian language package.