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Sponsor a new feature Sitemagic CMS is primarily driven by the hard work of our volunteers. But once in a while a user or company offers to sponsor a new feature, which we greately appreciate.

Recently we were asked how individuals or companies can sponsor a new feature, which gave us the idea to create this page. Now anyone who wants to contribute can pick a feature and sponsor it, and have their name added to the Sponsors section.

Contact us at dev[#a#] if you want to help make Sitemagic CMS even better.
Sponsors First of all we would like to thank all the volunteers for their hard work - thank you!

The list below lists some of the features fully or partially sponsored by companies or individuals.

  • File attachments support
    for Contact Forms.

  • Image Montage gallery
    Frank Rasmussen

  • JSShop eCommerce
    Anonymous donation

  • Your donation here

Are you missing from this list?
Please let us know - dev[#a#]

Code snippets - $ 149Sponsor a new extention that makes it easy to add JS and CSS code to the head section, and create "JS/CSS code snippets" which can be easily inserted on any page using a simple place holder like {[CS:MyCode]}
Slider - $ 149Sponsor a new slider for the front page that can be configured using the Designer.
Easily add photos with a title and description, and set the number of seconds each slide should be visible before sliding to the next image.
Export website - $ 149Sponsor a new feature allowing the user to export the entire website including Sitemagic CMS with just one click of a button. This will make it super easy to move the website to another server - just download and upload the files on the new server.
CAPTCHA - $ 149Sponsor CAPTCHA support for the Contact Forms extension to reduce the risk of SPAM in your inbox.

Easier photo upload - $ 149Sponsor a new feature allowing the user to easily add photos to a page by just dragging and dropping the photos directly within the page editor.
The images are automatically uploaded and inserted into the page.

Auto upgrade - $ 149Sponsor a new feature allowing users to upgrade Sitemagic CMS with a click of a button - no more uploading files using FTP.

Auto backup - $ 149Sponsor a new feature that automatically creates a backup of the website to make sure data is never lost.

Your feature - $ ??Sponsor some other feature not mentioned here - we are open to suggestions.