Move existing domain to Sitemagic Cloud

If you already own a domain, you will need to contact your domain registrar (the company where you bought your domain name) and ask them to configure the domain to use our services.
If you only use your domain for a website and e-mailing (or don't use it yet) then ask them to change the Name Servers of your domain to our Name Servers. This will allow you to use all the features of Sitemagic Cloud, including e-mail services.
If you use your domain for other services than just a website and e-mailing, you will need to ask your registrar to point the domain to our platform using a so-called A Record. However, you will not be able to use our e-mail services with this approach.
Here is the information you need:
Change name servers - recommended - enables all features:
Pointing using an A Record to our IP - e-mail services not supported:
Important: Before asking your domain registrar to change anything, make sure you connect the domain in Sitemagic Cloud first. Your domain registrar might not be able to update your domain if it is not associated with our services first.

Example e-mail to your domain registrar
SUBJECT: Update name servers for <INSERT DOMAIN NAME HERE>
I have registered the domain <INSERT DOMAIN NAME HERE> with your company in the past. Could you please update the name servers in my account to allow me to use the domain name with Sitemagic Cloud? In case you need to know more, please visit
Here are the name servers needed for Sitemagic Cloud:
 - Thank you
Best regards

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