How to mange the menu

Managing the menu in Sitemagic CMS is faily simple. The menu can contain links, and links can have more links underneath them. We call such links for nested links.
To change the menu, first log in to Sitemagic CMS, and go to Content > Menu. You should now see something similar to the image below.

Create link

To create a link, first select where the new link should be created by selecting a node in the Menu Structure at the right side. In the example below we have selected the Files entry. This means that a new link will be created underneath the Files entry, often within a drop down menu - but that depends on how the design template defines the menu.
Next, fill out the Title field in the form on the left, and click the Select button to choose a page. You can also simply enter a URL address. Finally click the Create button to create the link.

Edit link

To edit a link, select it on the right side in the Menu Structure. To change the title or the location (URL address) click the Edit button. You can also move the link further up and down using the arrow buttons. The Delete button obviously removes the link from the menu.
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