How to change the page design

As we know Sitemagic CMS allows us to choose from a different design templates, and the Designer lets us customize the designs. But sometimes we want a completely different look and feel for one of our pages. Fortunately Sitemagic CMS allows us to apply an alternative design template to each page.
Assuming you have already logged in and browsed to Content > Pages, you should now see something like shown below.


Select a page on the right side, and click the Properties button. The extended properties are now shown on the left. The Template menu allows us to apply any of the design templates installed. The Copy and Delete buttons are used to mange copies of the design templates. Imagine that you like the existing design applied to the website, but want to change it slightly for the Employees page, then use the Copy button to create a copy, apply it to the page, and then browse to the page and use the Designer to change it to suit your needs.
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