How to integrate Facebook social media plugins

Facebook has several Social Media plugins that can be easily added to your Sitemagic CMS website. First select the type of plugin you want.

The plugins are similar to each other, so we will just cover one of them here - the Page plugin which gives us a really neat app-like preview of our Facebook page.
Scroll down to the settings section like shown in the image below. Fill out the text fields with relevant values and click the Get Code button at the bottom.

Clicking the Get Code button produces the dialog shown below. Click IFrame at the top and copy the code highlighted.


Now browse to External Modules on your website and enter a name such as "Facebook - Page preview" in the Module name field, and paste/insert the code into the URL address / iFrame code field. Sitemagic CMS now configures everything else and gives you a preview. Click the Create button to finalize the configuration.


Finally open a page for editing and use the Page Extension button to insert the new "Facebook - Page preview" module.
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